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Hot Topic   +/- Why did I get a smart card in the mail when I don't need one
I have a subscription to satellite TV, but my receiver does not use a smart card. They sent me one in the mail recently. Why? Why would I need one now when I never did before? ..
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1 2197 Nov 07, 2008 - 14:54
By: mellow1
Hot Topic   +/- What free (FTA) satellites can you get in North America with an 18" dish
An 18" dish is typically used with commercial encrypted DBS broadcasts like DirecTV, Dish Network, or Bell ExpressVu. The receivers sold by these broadcasters can generally not be used to pull in FTA ..
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0 1344 Sep 11, 2008 - 20:07
By: dudek
Regular Topic   +/- I can't pull in DirecTV, help!
With my new Viewsat receiver, I want to get DirecTV programming. What satellite do I aim at, and why isn't it on the on-screen menu? I am in Florida. ..
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1 124 Aug 03, 2008 - 17:11
By: dudek

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