y1d Books: Publishing


Information for prospective authors

y1d published publishes titles on selected high-technology topics. Our intended focus is information technology and embedded systems.

About y1d

y1d is a young publisher, although we have a longstanding experience with, and exposure to, the publishing industry. We have a very lightweight approach, with a heavy dependence on the direct efforts of authors themselves to get books produced and sold. As a compensatory benefit, our royalty return rates are very favorable.

Editorial Policy

As a young publisher, we are being very selective about the titles we launch. We are looking for complete or almost-complete submissions that are well-written and which exhibit expert knowledge, in some form. Please do not send manuscripts, but rather a proposal and a sample chapter, if available.

Writing for y1d

The first step in getting your book published by y1d is to send a proposal. Getting accepted will depends on several factors. You need positive answers to these questions. If the answer is yes to all of these, then the next step is a book proposal. The proposal need to make a persuasive case for your book. it should address the following issues:

We welcome your submissions and attempt to reply to every submission within seven days.