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Remote Presenter

Control your presentation remotely from your iPhone or iPod whether you use Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Switch, Safari or other display software.

Remote Presenter was designed for people who give serious presentations in close collaboration with people who actually do that for a living. As a result, it places emphasis on delivering a robust, efficient job without distracting you with a lot of eye candy. By providing just a few big simple buttons, it avoids forcing you to become preoccupied with your remote and lets you focus on your presentation and your audience. The super-simple configuration process makes it quick and easy to start and operate when the show needs to get going.

Remote Presenter requires a "helper" application running on the host computer where Keynote, PowerPoint or one of the other presentation programs is running. The helper is super-easy to start and use and can be downloaded from

IMPORTANT: Remote Presenter works with almost any presentation program, but requires a Mac computer running Apple OS X.

It has been tested successfully with:

  • Apple Keynote (08 and 09),
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (various versions including v.X (which doesn't work with many other remote packages),
  • Adobe Acrobat,
  • Safari ("next" button scrolls down a page at a time),
  • iTunes ("next" button jumps to next song/movie),
and many other programs.

Remote control has never been so easy. Get it now. Look cool. Free yourself from your keyboard. Speak like a pro.

Check out the support page for help and common concerns.