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Aqua2Wiki:Privacy policy

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In order to accommodate unpublished work-in-progress and/or proprietary material, most pages are invisible to users who do not have an account.

In the absence of other policy statements, you should assume that all rights are reserved by the posters and/or the site owners, and material here can only be disseminated with explicit permission of the site owners or authors except for short quotations, unless otherwise indicated on the page in question.

To protect us from liability, however, the official policy is: by posting material here you grant permission to me (Gregory Dudek and Independent Robotics Inc.) to use, post or redistribute it without restriction. This will allow us to migrate the data to a new server, for example, or share it with other users.

Some public domain material may be posted here as well, but please assume it is private unless explicitly indicated.

From the WikiMedia help pages: There are probably "holes" in the read protection system. So, denying read access should be seen as a "nothing to see here, move along," sort of thing rather than a guarantee of secrecy.

--Gregory Dudek 15:31, 29 July 2017 (UTC)