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Gregory Dudek

title=Greg Dudek

I maintain the Aqua Wiki and operate it personally, but its utility depends on the active involvement of our community. It is aimed to be a shared resource for Aqua robot users. I may migrate it to another server or domain sometime soon and will be looking for people to help maintain the site.

Material posted here includes non-public information with various copyright/ownership status, however since shared editing is allowed and encouraged, it is hard to assure who will see material posted here and who can modify it. To protect the owner(s) from liability, the site policy is that by posting material here you grant permission to me (Gregory Dudek and/or Independent Robotics Inc.) permission to use, post or redistribute without restriction. As such, while this user community is friendly and tightly-connected, don't post your bank account numbers or top secret data.

Using of the wiki requires a password-protected account, although some pages have public visibility.